Thomas Patton is a son of Athena, Greek goddess of Wisdom.


Break out your popcorn and find a pillow it's story time.

I was born in 1999 and am 14 years old, I'm only 4'10" so I'm small, I have brown hair and gray eyes. I've been told I'm a descendant of General George Patton a WWII general who almost invented tank warfare. I live with my father who is a falconer(They train birds of prey usually to keep pigeons out of nice resorts so they don't poop on anyone). Because of my dad's work I have a pet barn owl named Sarge. I always did good in school (I have an IQ of 150) but still had ADHD making me a Hyper smart-ass. I am an avid reader and have spent entire football games buried in a book so I wasn't always the most social. I started to realize I was a demi-god around the age of 10. It started when Sarge started talking to me(Apparently the combination of me always being around birds and owls being Athena's symbol) so T thought I was crazy for weeks. I also started having a large taste for olives. Eventually my dad told me of my mom and who I was making me worried about what to do. I thought I could stay a few more years at home because monster usually don't come until you're 12-13. Well that thought shattered when a few few weeks later when I discovered one of our falcons was a phoenix when it burst into flames and attacked me. I ended up running away with a cloud of crazed birds flying everywhere (I noticed you had a bird problem a little while ago so that may have....kinda...been a liiitttllleee..... my fault sorry). I only knew of Camp Half-Blood as a safe place so I ran there.

Well I guess that's kinda my story I didn't want to write too much though. So hi and also if anyone wants to play Risk I bet I could kick your butt.



  • NAME: Thomas Patton

  • AGE: 14


  • FAMILY: Father


  • HEIGHT: 4'11

  • EYE COLOUR: Grey



  • USUALLY WEARS: Green t-shirt, white cargo pants, black and white checkered hoodie, black shoes, and a grey baseball hat with agolden owl.


  • POWERS: 

  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: Extendable staff, boomerang, slingshot


  • COLOUR: 

  • FOOD:


  • SPORT:

  • MOVIE: 

  • MUSIC: