Pinfree Anderson is a son of Nike, Greek goddess of Victory.


My name is Pinfree Anderson, and I'm a child of Nike. My dad was great growing up. He was everything I could ever want in a father. We'd play catch and he'd teach me sword fighting and he even taught me some magic tricks. I recently found out I was a halfblood during lunch a couple weeks ago. The monsters, or manticores, have always hated me, so naturally, just like when I was little, they only wanted me. They pillaged the highschool looking for me but I managed to escape. I ran home to my father and told him about the monsters. He guided me outside and told me to that I was old enough to make for a camp, a safe place for people like me. He gave me this look and I knew this was about my mom. I had never seen her but I had memories of her laugh and her smile. He told me that at our neighbourhood park I would meet up with a satyr, or something, that would lead me to the camp. I always trusted my dad, but right then, he was sounding insane. He convinced me to leave and packed me a bag filled with supplies for a journey. He hustled me into the street an I made my way for the park. I met up with the satyr dude, a half goat half man teenager named Fletcher and with some complications, I made my way to camp. We ran into some monsters, mostly manticores, but in the end I made it to camp safely. That was the last I've heard from my dad. I am literally ready for anything at this point.



  • NAME: Pinfree Jared Anderson

  • AGE: 16

  • BIRTHDAY: March 6th, 1998

  • FAMILY: Jared Anderson (father), Nike (mother)


  • HEIGHT: 5'10

  • EYE COLOUR: Blue green

  • HAIR COLOUR: Light brown

  • SKIN COLOUR: White, slight tan

  • USUALLY WEARS: Grey v-neck shirt and blue faded jeans with black converse


  • POWERS: Aurabending: The ability to manipulate ones aura to increase senses adn even form it into physical objects

  • PETS: A dragon named Skia and a lion named Bundles


  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: 3ft long glass sword gifted to him by Nike (not directly)


  • COLOUR: Gold/Green/Blue

  • FOOD: Spaghetti/Pizza

  • BEVERAGE: Mountain Dew

  • SPORT: Dodgeball (if that even counts)

  • MOVIE: How To Train Your Dragon

  • MUSIC: Indie/Alt/EDM


  • FEARS: Manticores</li>