Name: Darion Reem

Age: 14

Godly Parent: has none, However he was created by Hypnos and his roman form Somnus joining powers

Personality: dreamy, helpful, forgetful, smart but doesn't show it.

Looks: deep brown hair, his eyes when stared at for too long will make you tired and changes every second, pale skin, slightly short

Powers: can put people to sleep, can weave dreams, can change dreams, can pull people and monsters into his head and fight them in there, when he is hurt in a dream he is hurt in his waking hours, can make people forget things, can daydream, can go into his own head and relive his memories, makes everyone underestimate him

weapons: prefers not to use weapons he would rather pull them into his mind and fight them their, but when he needs to fight he uses "Eternal Sleep" a sword made of an unknown metal that when he is in his mind he keeps his sword and can channel his powers through it

Backstory: was trapped in an endless sleep for 10 years where he was taught how to use his powers and his sword and almost any other weapon. After he woke he went to camp half-blood. Because of his powers he is a full time camper

Pets: a daimones(spirit of dreams) in the form of a dragon that breathes sleep gas and is named dreamscale

Tips when fighting him: don't get distracted by him. If you do he will bring you into his mind where his power is almost without bounds. Also do not underestimate his swordsmanship.

Fatal Flaw: he always makes people underestimate him but sometimes in the heat of the moment he underestimates himself, sometimes has to fight his own nightmares.