The Characters of the Percy Jackson Role-Playing Community are a diverse group. Each is a demigod (or half-blood) set in the Percy Jackson universe. The current characters are descended from both Greek and Roman gods.

Aeolus CabinEdit

Caleb Sulloa, Son of Aeolus

Aphrodite/Venus CabinEdit

Oliver Moore, Son of Aphrodite

Apollo CabinEdit

Toby, Son of Apollo

Adam Koop, Son of Apollo

Charlotte James, Daughter of Apollo

Clara Deblias, Daughter of Apollo

Lillie Noble, Daughter of Apollo

Amelia Song, Daughter of Apollo

Ixion Mavro, Son of Apollo

Ally Brown, Daughter of Apollo

Joshua Prophet, Son of Apollo

Ares/Mars CabinEdit

Chris Hunter, Son of Ares

Erick Anderson, Son of Mars

Cormac MacLennan, Son of Mars

Anthony Quinn, Son of Ares

John King, Son of Mars

Charles Johnson, son of Mars

Lucian Markov, Son of Mars

Athena/Minerva CabinEdit

Steven Shin, Son of Athena

Madeline Swift, Daughter of Athena

Rose Aarons, Daughter of Athena

Brendan, Son of Minerva

Harper Vans, Daughter of Athena

Jenna, Daugther of Athena

Thomas Patton, Son of Athena

Bree Sterling, Daughter of Athena

Leonitis Potter, Son of Minerva

Boreas/Aquilon CabinEdit

Zach Winters, Son of Aquilon

Jaxson Anderson, Son of Aquilon

Gretzky Keith, Son of Aquilon

Demeter/Ceres CabinEdit

Autumn Parks, Daughter of Demeter

Luke Theros, Son of Demeter

Gwen Parker, Daughter of Demeter

Julian Jaxson, Son of Demeter

Dionysus/Bacchus CabinEdit

Isha J, Daughter of Dionysus

Beckett Ross, Son of Bacchus

Eris CabinEdit

Joshua Darken, Son of Eris

Eros/Cupid CabinEdit

Tristan Denaro, Son of Eros

Hades/Pluto CabinEdit

Logan Baen, Son of Hades

Jaime, Son of Hades

Evan Krise, Son of Hades

Tej Pikle, Son of Pluto

Logan Hakamori, Son of Hades

Dante Tremont, Son of Hades

Hecate/Trivia CabinEdit

Jonathan Duvall, son of trivia

Hephaestus/Vulcan CabinEdit

Jessamine Martinez, Daughter of Hephaestus

Kiba, Daughter of Hephaestus


Dexter Michigan: A mousy child who is good with gadgets.

Hermes/Mercury CabinEdit

Chris Taubadel, Son of Hermes

James Rios, Son of Hermes

Patrick Clancy, Son of Mercury

Richard Garza, Son of Hermes

Cara Swift, Daughter of Hermes

Laron Sanders, Son of Hermes

Ava West, Daughter of Mercury

Leon Argent, Son of Hermes

Nathan Kleftis, Son of Hermes

Robb Harris, Son of Hermes

Hestia/Vesta CabinEdit

Henry Aidan, Son of Hestia

Hypnos/Somnus CabinEdit

Joss, Son of Hypnos

Desmond Neruda, Son of Hypnos

Katelynn Jasper, Daughter of Hypnos

Clint Adams, Son of Hypnos

Dormio, Son of Hypnos

Iris/Arcus CabinEdit

Emerald Light, Daughter of Iris

Nemesis/Invidia CabinEdit

Livia Venge, Daughter of Nemesis

Nike/Victoria CabinEdit

Alex Fetfatzidis, Son of Nike

Matthew Grey, Son of Nike

Pinfree Anderson, Son of Nike

Shane Thomson, Son of Nike

Poseidon/Neptune CabinEdit

Michaela, Daughter of Poseidon

Theseus Jackson, Son of Poseidon

Coburn Kai, Son of Poseidon

Marissa Darnel, Daughter of Poseidon

Keith Shores, Son of Poseidon

Jason Owens, Son of Poseidon

Matthew Scott, Son of Poseidon

Tessa Tyler, Daughter Of Poseidon


Sky Sharp, Son of Zeus

Mckenzie Lenette, Daughter of Zeus

Stone Jones, Son of Zeus

Aria Silverstorm, Daughter of Zeus

Jason Sairsint, Son of Jupiter