Name: Amy Chain

Parents: Persephone, Arthur chain

Looks: Winter/Fall straight black hair(with Black Dahlias in it), brown eyes, pale skin, gothic outfit, and a black wreath, Spring/Summer curly brown hair( always adorned with daisies), Green eyes, Tan skin, a flowery dress and a laurel wreath

Powers: Stronger in Winter/Fall necromancy, osteomancy, umbrakinesis, can control bats, Stronger in Spring/Summer chlorakinesis, can control plants, can cook really well, can curse people into flowers temporarily, has a skeletal servant

Weapons: "Sharp Rose" a stygian iron dagger, a small pouch that can summon any kind of food

Special: has the powers of an average child of Hades in the winter and fall, has the powers of an average child of Demeter in the spring and summer