Ally sketch
Ally Brown is a daughter of Apollo, Greek god of the Sun.


Hi! I'm Aaliyah, (it's okay if you can't pronounce it, and everyone calls me Ally)! I am the daughter of Apollo, God of the Sun.

I was born on July 13th, 1997. I am 15, turning 16 this summer. I grew up in a small town in southern Connecticut. I live there with my mother, Candace Brown. She was 19 and a sophomore in college when she met my father, Apollo, in 1996. They met in her Philosophy class. A few months later they "got to it" in the campus library, and thus I was born 9 months later. Apparently, my grandparents were not happy that my mom was pregnant without a husband, because they disowned her. I have never met my grandparents. It has just been me and my mom for as long as I can remember. Everyone in town says I look just like her with my red hair, but my blue eyes come from my father. Anyway, after being disowned, my mom dropped out of college and moved to a small town on the coast of Connecticut. There she started working as a waitress at this old woman, Donna's, diner (my middle name is in honor of her). When I was about eight years old, Donna passed away and left the diner to my mother and I, and we have been running it together ever since. I waitress every day after school. When I was nine, my mom sat me down and told me about my father. She told me to keep it a secret and not to tell anyone. I grew as most children do. I loved having a Greek God for a father. It made me feel special, something I hadn’t felt in my short life. For some reason, I never knew about Camp Half-Blood until this year, so this is my first time being at camp, but I intend to stay full time.



  • NAME: Aaliyah 'Ally' Dawn Brown

  • AGE: 16

  • BIRTHDAY: July 13

  • FAMILY: Mother


  • HEIGHT: 5'5 (and a half!)

  • EYE COLOUR: Blue


  • HAIRSTYLE: Straight or something I guess. It's between my shoulders and mid back

  • SKIN COLOUR: Surprisingly pale for the amount of time I spend in the sun. 

  • PIERCINGS/TATTOOS/SCARS: I tend to wake up with cuts and bruises for no reason/ Not yet ;)

  • USUALLY WEARS: Jeans/shorts (depending on weather) and a tanktop with a sweatshirt


  • POWERS: Can shoot sunbeams from her hands.

  • ENCHANTED WEAPONS AND OBJECTS: None at the moment.


  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: Bow, knives, and two daggers.




  • COLOUR: Red, orange and purple. The color of the sun rise and sun set. 

  • FOOD: 

  • BEVERAGE: Diet Coke... (regular burns my nose.)

  • SPORT: Track, archery, and gymanstics. 

  • MOVIE: 

  • MUSIC: All kinds. 


  • Darkness/No Sun
  • Failure
  • Hurting someone she loves
  • Being Weak